A modern and innovative Liquid Scintillation Counter on display at the HPS Mid-Year Topical Meeting in Charleston, SC

1 February 2011

LabLogic Systems is proudly displaying the new 300SL Liquid Scintillation Counter at the 44th HPS Mid-Year Topical Meeting on Radiation Measurements held on February 7-9th in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 300SL is the first commercially available LSC to use Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) technology for absolute activity measurement, which eliminates the need for an internal source when working with pure beta emitters.

The 300SL is also considerably more sensitive than conventional instruments; has lower 'background'; and is exceptionally compact (20' wide x 25' deep x 27' high) so that it can easily be integrated into laboratories with limited bench space.

An up-to-date external desktop or laptop PC is used to control the instrument, perform data analysis and the software can also export the data directly or via a network to Excel or other programs.

The 300SL accommodates up to 96 x 7ml or 40 x 20ml vials in sample trays that are compatible with sample preparation instruments such as liquid handling stations or cell harvesters. Options include alpha/beta separation electronics, low-level background detectors, temperature control and external source.

Stop by the LabLogic booth at the HPS meeting to look at an ideal replacement for aging Liquid Scintillation Counters.

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