ADME LIMS on show at Society of Toxicology 50th anniversary meeting

17 February 2011

Experts from LabLogic Systems will be in Booth 721 at the Society of Toxicology’s 50th anniversary meeting (Washington DC 6th-10th March) to explain the advantages of Debra, the LIMS that has been setting the standards for drug metabolism and ADME for almost two decades.

Already widely favoured by pharmaceutical companies, Debra is increasingly important to the CROs to whom much ADME research is being outsourced, principally because of its fast data turnaround, easy reporting and GLP/Part 11 compliance.

It captures data directly, giving a significant time saving compared with manual transcription and calculations using Excel spreadsheets, all in a GLP environment ensuring comprehensive traceability of who captured what, on which instrument and when - vital for commercial credibility in today’s highly regulated environment.

Debra encompasses the complete study life cycle: protocol definition; calculation of drug quantities for formulations and treatments; dosing and day-to-day sample capture; calculation of % recovery of dose and concentration; and the production of all reports, tables and graphs.

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