Mid-sized gamma counters now available in the UK

27 September 2011

The Genesys Genii multi-well counter

Gamma counters used in hundreds of nuclear medicine and research laboratories around the world are now available in the UK for the first time, from LabLogic Systems.

'Customers have often asked me for a medium-sized gamma counter - something to bridge the gap between the portable Triathler single well counter (which we also sell) and large, bench-mounted types,' says sales executive Scott Baker. 'When I looked for a possible source I found that Laboratory Technologies Inc had exactly what people were looking for.'

Chicago-based Laboratory Technologies Inc (LTI) has been designing and manufacturing nuclear counting instrumentation since 1983. It now offers the Wiper series of gamma counters specifically designed for nuclear medicine and the Genesys Genii for research applications.

Both are available in a range of affordable models for any budget, from basic, single-well counters to multi-detector versions which count up to 10 vials simultaneously - a ten-fold improvement in performance that represents a massive time saving over the course of a year and therefore early pay-back.

At the top of the Genesys Genii range, LTI offers a counter suitable for accurate measurement of high energy isotopes up to 2MeV, which is ideal for PET labs.

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