More acclaim for Scan-RAM from Czech PET facility

8 February 2012

The PET Centre in Brno has added to the growing positive feedback about LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for PET and SPECT.

Part of the Czech Republic’s Nuclear Research Institute Rez, the Centre purchased the Scan-RAM from LabLogic representative ENVINET as a replacement for a TLC scanner supplied ten years ago by a rival manufacturer.

“We need to determine the critical quality parameters of the radiopharmaceuticals we manufacture, and we were not satisfied with the scanner we had because of its unreliability and frequent breakdowns,” said Alena Novotná, quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.

“With the Scan-RAM, on the other hand, we can be confident of the radiochemical purity of the 18F-labelled radiopharmaceuticals we routinely produced, and in exercising quality control over products we develop in the future.

“Since we validated control methods for the Scan-RAM and put it into full operation, we have been really pleased with its reliability. LabLogic’s Laura software is user-friendly, and we appreciate the wide range of settings the Scan-RAM offers us - speed of scanning, measurement time, configuration of measuring methods, precise adjustment of the detector over a thin layer and the audit trail function.”

Whilst echoing those opinions, two other LabLogic customers - the University of Illinois Biomedical Imaging Center and a US drug discovery company – have highlighted the Scan-RAM’s dual TLC / HPLC facility, which they say has saved them both money and bench space and improved workflow.

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