LabLogic now provides a new and effective Iodine Decontamination Gel

17 April 2012

Decontamination of Iodine radioisotopes is a notoriously difficult task. I-131 ablation treatment rooms are often cordoned off for many days after contamination causing a drastic loss of productivity.

To counteract this problem, LabLogic are introducing Bind-It™, made by Laboratory Technologies Inc. Bind-It™ has been engineered for the effective removal of Iodine by ‘lifting’ contaminants off surfaces and then binding to the iodine in the solution, making it easy to remove. Bind-It™ is available as a hand-wash, concentrate gel, or ready-to-use spray.

This product has been tested by Vicky Smith and her medical physics team at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, who have confirmed that it is more effective than traditional decontamination gels. Their report states:

“Counts remaining in the room after decontamination have been reduced since the introduction of Bind-It™; on contaminated surfaces it removes a minimum of 70% of radioactive iodine!”

Its capabilities do not stop there, Bind-It™ has also proven to be extremely effective with 99m-Tc and it is understood that other hospitals have used it for a range of different radioisotopes with great success. Whatever the use, Bind-It™ is clearly an effective tool in reducing levels of contamination, as well as maintaining low dose rates to staff and patients.

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