The Hidex Triathler from LabLogic. Fast, accurate results on the spot.

4 September 2013

The Hidex Triathler is a single sample counter which provides fast and accurate results on the spot. Suitable for a range of applications from life science research to environmental monitoring it is equally at home as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory or out on-site.

Compact, portable and unique in its ability to measure beta radiation, gamma radiation or luminescence, the Triathler is currently in use across a variety of industries at over 2,000 locations worldwide.

Packed with advanced features such as a built-in multichannel analyser, optional alpha-beta separation electronics as well as connectivity to a PC or laptop for instrument control and data analysis, the Triathler provides the user with the perfect platform to conduct sample analysis.

Each Triathler purchased in the UK is supplied with a FREE STARTER PACK containing all the essential consumables required to set up and run the instrument. The pack includes 20 mL and 6/7 mL plastic vials, 4 litres of LabLogic's high performance, multi-purpose cocktail - ScintLogic U, decontamination fluid and dissolvable contamination wipes.

For an on-site demonstration of this unique instrument please contact Anna Groom on 0114 266 7267.

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