NEW Hidex AMG Automatic Gamma Counter

27 February 2015

If you're in the market for a Gamma Counter, look no further than the brand NEW Hidex AMG Automatic Gamma Counter.

The latest release from Hidex offers similar benefits to their other instruments. It is extremely compact, easy to use and offers outstanding performance.

The intuitive design of the software, can really only be appreciated by using it. It reduces training to a minimum and makes those every day tasks such as invitro assays (GFR's, blood plasma etc) much simpler and quicker.

The AMG offers a powerful 2000 channel MCA and a 3" well type NaI detector perfect for nuclear medicine and PET nuclides.

LabLogic have various reference sites across the UK and US. So if you would like to see the AMG in action, our Product Specialist would be happy to arrange a demonstration at your convenience and with your own samples. Contact us for more information.

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