We did it again!

1 April 2016

Delegates attending the event were evidently very impressed with the instrument once again, and rightly so, the amazingly compact Sense combines up to 11 technologies including liquid scintillation counting and direct luminescence, providing a powerful and flexible platform to perform any kind of assay without limitations. The software is also incredibly easy to use. Accessed via a touchscreen it makes the user interface modern, flexible and simple.

Anna Groom picked the award again on behalf of LabLogic and commented: "It was very satisfying to win for the second year running. We are well aware of what a superb instrument the Sense is and have spent the past year successfully promoting it both here in the UK and the US. For the instrument to be recognised once again for its technical qualities makes both ourselves and the development team at Hidex very proud. Here’s hoping we can make it three in a row in 2017."

For more information about the award winning Sense and a no obligation on site demonstration please contact agroom@lablogic.com or call our office on +44 114 266 7267

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