Debra 6.3.1 Release

12 February 2017

With nearly half of all LabLogic’s Debra customer sites now using the updated Debra 6, we are pleased to announce the latest version 6.3.1 has just been released.

Working with one of our existing contract research customers, who were already using Debra 6, we have added further enhancements to improve their workflow and use of the system.  These include:

Addition of retained samples

Processing types in Debra have been changed to allow additional subsamples to be taken which have no further analysis but are retained as a duplicate sample to be stored or returned to the sponsor.  Additionally these samples will be tracked within our sample tracking software Stacy.  Debra now also displays the sample weight remaining – calculated by deducting any aliquot weights or retained sample weight.

Increased numbers of aliquots

A number of our new Debra 6 customers are working in environmental fate where there is often a need for more aliquots than 10 which was the previous limit in Debra.  We have now increased the limit to 40 to allow for all scenarios where samples may need to be resampled to ensure homogeneity.              

Improved Comments

While the previous release added the ability to have audited rich text comments when creating methods for sample extraction including different font formatting including sub/superscripts, bold, underline, italics etc, we have enhanced this functionality to allow for the inclusion of tables and hyperlinks when creating trees and nodes in the note instructions of method development. 

System Requirements

Debra 6.3.1 is the first release to be fully tested and validated on Windows 10 and Oracle 12.

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