ELISA Assays Reinvented at Leicester University

11 September 2017

A Leicester University group headed by Prof Piletsky and Dr Piletska in collaboration with MIP diagnostics Ltd., have recently published several papers on their successful development of novel formats of ''pseudo''-ELISA assays using nanoMIPs on their Hidex Sense instrument. Their research utilises the spectrograph and aims to substitute all biomolecules (antibodies, enzymes, etc.) with synthetic nanomaterials which possess recognition and reporter functions. They also intend to further develop a format of the assay that doesn't require any washing phases.

''The combination of the price, versatility and great customer support has proved the Sense to be the perfect accompaniment to our group's research'' mentioned Dr Piletska. ''Due to the instruments vast capability and ease of use we are using this reader in the short research projects made by our BSc, MSc, MChem and PhD students of our Biotechnology group''.

In future applications the group plans to further develop assays based on microtiter plates modified with magnetic inserts. Initial experiments using the Hidex Sense are looking promising and results are due to be published in the near future.

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