A Portable Liquid Scintillation and Gamma Counter Suitable for the US Army

25 May 2018

The Portable, Durable, Hidex Triathler Liquid Scintillation and Gamma Counter

The Hidex Triathler is a single sample counter which provides fast and accurate results to the user. It can count all radioisotopes - including tritium, in a variety of sample formats.

The Triathler is an obvious choice for the US army, Navy, and Airforce; the instrument is small, portable, and durable and can easily be taken into the field to measure samples on the spot. Already used by the Wright Patterson Air Force Base (AFB), Shaw AFB and the Naval Research Lab, the Triathler is a clear favourite across the States.

The Triathler comes with presents for most common isotopes with live results on its LCD, making the instrument easily accessible for all users with only a minimal learning curve.


Maximum Versatility is Achieved With Drinking Water Testing and Depleted Uranium Testing

As well as being the only small, portable, and durable instrument of its kind on the market, the Triathler is also extremely versatile.

The instrument can be used for leak testing check sources, drinking water testing for US personal stations overseas, and depleted uranium (DU) testing.

The powerful alpha/beta upgrade allows for zero misclassification between alphas and beta using a 3D topographical spectral separation.

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