Why did NTU choose their Hidex AMG gamma counter?

13 February 2019

Why Nottingham Trent University chose the Hidex AMG gamma counter

Darren Hodgkinson, Senior Lab Technician and Radiation Protection Advisor for the Isotope Lab at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), offers his opinion of the benefits of the Hidex AMG Gamma Counter for research applications.


“A gamma counter that was simple to use ”

Designed to analyze samples quickly and efficiently, the Hidex AMG’s user-friendly interface makes operating the instrument a simple and straightforward process, a factor which Darren recognised would be a real benefit for students.

He said: “The Isotope Lab at NTU is mainly a teaching lab for undergraduates, project students and PhD students. Due to the variety of projects undertaken within the lab, the department sought a gamma counter that was simple to use.”

Mazin, Hidex AMG product specialist at LabLogic, added: “The AMG is extremely easy to use with its touchscreen operated software. With a simple click, the software allows the user to easily run preconfigured templates, with the data automatically exported to a user-defined format (excel/csv).”


“Calibration can be done internally”

LabLogic provides specialised training when installing the instrument. This allows users to gain a thorough understanding of the software and hardware and to save them vital lab time with the internal calibration feature. This has proven beneficial for staff at NTU, Darren said: “One of the key features we like is that the calibration can be done internally - there’s no need to call out an engineer. It’s great that it can be done yourself.”

Mazin said: “Once the QC protocol is set up, the AMG’s automatic calibration feature can be used with a Cs-137 check source, and can be performed by the user at any point. The software also notifies users when the AMG requires a calibration, ensuring the instrument is always calibrated and ready to use.”


The AMG gamma counter is "ideal for undergraduate teaching and project work”

The Hidex AMG gamma counter provides an easy-to-use platform for users to measure samples and review results. Its intuitive, user-friendly software easily analyzes samples and produces channel by channel data. Results are reported automatically as activity per mass or volume, increasing dependability. These factors, alongside its 3” sodium-iodide crystal make the instrument the ideal choice for academic and research applications. Darren wholeheartedly agrees: “Overall, the Hidex AMG is ideal for undergraduate teaching and project work and is used regularly at NTU.”

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