iPHASE MultiSyn radiosynthesis module first UK installation

30 April 2019

iPHASE MultiSyn radiosynthesis module installed at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.

LabLogic Systems, alongside Australia-based partner iPHASE technologies, have recently installed the UK’s first MultiSyn radiosynthesis module at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire (UHCW).

The system has been supplied as part of LabLogic’s QC solution and is supporting the hospital’s move towards producing Gallium-68 radiopharmaceuticals on a regular basis.

The iPHASE MultiSyn is a compact, cost-effective, and reliable radiosynthesiser. Equipped with disposable cassette and reagent set, the MultiSyn is ideal for the routine production of gallium-68 compounds and other radio-metals.

When changing radiosynthesis methods, the synthesis cassette system enables you to effortlessly meet strict QC and GMP compliance standards. The MultiSyn also features 12 stopcock actuators, 2 syringe drives, 3 collimated radioactivity detectors, and a built-in vacuum pump.

A seamless partnership 

Stan Poniger, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at iPHASE, said, “LabLogic is an established and well-respected global company and I’m delighted to partner with them. Not only do LabLogic have a great presence in the market, but their focus on customer service is exactly what we look for in our partners. We are committed to supporting our European customers and look forward to a strong partnership for years to come.”

Scott Baker, Product Specialist at LabLogic, said, “We are really pleased to install the first MultiSyn system in the UK which has given us the opportunity to continue our long term relationships with both iPHASE and the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

Stan’s visit to the UK for the first installation just shows how committed iPHASE is to supporting both distributors and customers here in the UK and Europe.

The MultiSyn is a fantastic addition to LabLogic’s Nuclear Medicine and PET range, complementing our ever-growing list of quality control products. To date, iPHASE Technologies have been supportive with this project and despite the geographical challenges, we have worked seamlessly.


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