The new Hidex 600 OX oxidizer allows you to oxidize samples with confidence

13 August 2019

When oxidizing your samples choose the new Hidex 600 OX oxidizer

The new Hidex 600 OX oxidizer is an entirely computer-controlled automated catalytic combustion unit designed for organic sample preparation.

It uses industry-standard logic and mass flow controllers to confidently supply reliable and efficient sample combustion. 

The Hidex 600 OX oxidizer is ideal to oxidize an assortment of samples containing:

• Soil
• Tissue
• Faeces
• Cellulose
• Plant material and many more.

Once the oxidizing has completed, the samples are automatically positioned into a liquid scintillation counter (LSC) sample rack.

They are then fully prepared and ready to be counted with the Hidex 600 SL LSC or any other LSC.

You have the choice to load up to six samples in one go and be unrestricted in your ability to walk away, unlike older, manual systems that limited your freedom to do so.

Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer is compatible with both disposable and reusable sample boats.

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