Alpha/beta separation for the Hidex 300 and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters

20 November 2019

Simple alpha/beta separation in MikroWin for the Hidex 300 and 600 SL

Alpha/beta separation is clear and simple with MikroWin software for the Hidex 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters.  

MikroWin's simple and intuitive interface allows the user to easily separate their alpha's from betas, with unique topographical 2D separation. Using the pulse length indicator, you can adjust your separation depending on the cocktail used.

Easily view your spectras individually or together depending on your requirements. Choose from viewing your Beta, Beta triple, Alpha, Alpha triple and 2d plot. 
Check out the video to see a guided tutorial of the feature.