Webinar: Time-Lapse Microscopy of Spheroids with zenCELL owl

26 August 2020

Learn more about the magnitude of options the zenCELL owl offers!

How can you optimally image and analyse your 3D structures in an incubator?

The zenCELL owl, 24-channel incubator microscope supports bright-field, real-time monitoring and imaging.

Register for the virtual webinar hosted by OMNI Life Sciences below.

More details about the zenCELL owl webinar

Noelle J.A Ali from OMNI Life Science will outline the features of the incubator microscope, zenCELL owl for real-time data capturing and analysis.

Additionally, Prof. Joachim Wegener’s lab, Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Chemo- and Biosensors at the University of Regensburg is focused on interfacing animal cells (2D monolayers or 3D aggregates) with physical transducers to monitor the cell response during toxicological or pharmacological assays non-invasively and in real-time.

Guest speaker, Ms. Simone Ruckdaeschel, from the research group of Prof. Joachim Wegener, will show data from time-lapse imaging of 3D multicellular spheroids with the zenCELL owl.

Prof. Wegener’s group demonstrated that zenCELL owl allows the monitoring of differential growth and adhesion behaviour of these spheroids in real-time when grown in contact with non-adhesive or adhesive surfaces.

Date: Friday 28th August
Time: 10am - 11am UK time (11am - 12pm UTC+2)


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