The Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader is the instrument of choice at the University of Bristol

17 November 2020

Increasing throughput of luminescence assays with the Hidex Sense 

Compact yet powerful, the Hidex Sense is a multi-mode microplate reader for performing any kind of assay with flexibility and no limitations.

Researchers from the Diabetes and Metabolism Group at Bristol Medical School chose the Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader to increase the throughput of luminescence assays as the group’s existing luminometer did not have stacking ability. The group were looking to match their current instruments impressive signal to background ratio for luminescence and therefore, the group chose the Hidex Sense. It ticked all boxes whilst offering additional capabilities such as TRF, absorbance and LSC which was useful for the group.

The group has been using the Hidex Sense microplate reader for assays using Nano-Glo® Luciferase. Nano-Glo® Luciferase assays allow researchers to detect the activities of firefly and luciferases in a single sample.

Easy to use microplate reader

Sian Grace, Research Technician at the University, said: “Once optimised, the Hidex Sense is extremely comparable to our current luminometer. We have been using the Hidex Sense microplate reader for luminescence, TRF and absorption for all of our assays, and have found the machine simple and easy-to-use.”

Multiple technologies with the Sense

Sian added: “The Sense is a unique instrument as it combines liquid scintillation counting with other technologies including fluorescence, absorbance and more, a feature which has proved useful for researchers in our department. It's a super piece of equipment.”

The Hidex Sense microplate reader incorporates a dedicated PMT detector for high sensitivity luminescence and provides users with up to 10 times better sensitivity than other common luminescence microplate readers. The automatic z-adjustment of the PMT against the top of each well and automatic round and square-shaped apertures minimises cross talk and improves the signal to background ratio.

Positive experience with LabLogic

Sian added: “My experience has been nothing but positive with both LabLogic and Hidex. The team has been knowledgeable and helpful.”


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