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26 April 2021

Upcoming preclinical imaging webinars 

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Title  Date Register
MODEL-AD: Development of the Next Generation of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (LOAD) Models for Drug Discovery and Research with Indiana University Thursday 29th April 11am EST Registration
An introduction to CT imaging Tuesday 25th May 11am EST Early bird registration
Advanced insights in preclinical CT Thursday 3rd June 11am EST Early bird registration
An introduction to PET imaging October 2021  Unavailable to register yet 
Advanced insights in preclinical PET November 2021 Unavailable to register yet

29/04 MODEL-AD: Development of the Next Generation of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (LOAD) Models | Paul R. Territo, Ph.D

In his talk Prof. Paul Territo (Indiana University) will elaborate on the recent findings in research of the MODEL-AD consortium, using the MOLECUBES system.

This consortium focusses on evaluation and characterisation of new animal models for Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (LOAD) and using these newly acquired insights to evaluate target engagement of novel and existing pharmaceuticals. As such, the goal is to advance the understanding of LOAD and provide the scientific community with an extended toolbox to accelerate research in this therapeutic area. In this research, the MOLECUBES PET and CT systems are used to provide both cross-sectional and longitudinal deep phenotyping of new mouse models of LOAD using tracers that evaluate perfusion (64Cu-PTSM), metabolism (18F-FDG), beta amyloid (18F-AV45) and Tau (18F-AV1451).

Furthermore, Prof. Territo will give an outlook on evaluation of target engagement of novel pharmaceuticals in the Preclinical Testing Core’s validated drug testing pipeline and further research within the TREAT-AD consortium. Importantly, this research employs the same tools, techniques, and scientific rigor employed in clinical drug trials to advance the understanding of disease progression and accelerate the development of the next generation pharmaceuticals for LOAD.

Thursday 29th April 11am EST, sign up here.  

25/05 An introduction to CT imaging

CT imaging is a powerful tool to research soft tissue as well as bone in an organism. One of the strong advantages of CT over other research instrumentation is that it allows to follow-up one organism over time via quantitative, three-dimensional, anatomical data. In comparison to other techniques such as PET, SPECT, MRI, etc., CT offers high image resolution (below 50 µm) and is more easily accessible. Next to anatomical correlation in the combination with PET/SPECT, CT is used stand-alone for a variety of applications ranging from bone metastasis treatment to complex lung analyses.

The scope of “An introduction to CT imaging” includes an introduction of medical imaging, the physics principles of CT and example applications. We will be happy to take your questions on how CT can accelerate your research.

This is the third webinar of a series of educational sessions, during which we cover both introductions to and advanced insights in preclinical SPECT, PET and CT imaging. “Advanced insights in preclinical CT”, taking place on June 3, will dive deeper into best practices to excel in CT research, starting from the technology.

Tuesday 25th May 11am EST, sign up here. 

03/06 Advanced insights in preclinical CT

"Advanced insights in preclinical CT" builds further on CT essentials presented in "An introduction to CT" in May 2021.

The session aims at sharing best practices in preclinical CT research, by starting from the technology. The trade-off between dose, resolution and scan time and its impact on image and lab animal are explained, as well as advances in technology, e.g. iterative reconstruction design and detectors. With the technology learnings as a basis, advice is formulated on how to set up CT research protocols. After the session, there will be time to answer questions from the audience.

The session will be hosted by experts in the field from a technologicall and scientific perspective, MOLECUBES co-founder Bert Vandeghinste (Head of Software) and Kim Braeckman, Application Specialist.

Thursday 3rd June 11am EST, sign up here.


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