(Video) See the new inventory report feature in PETra PET LIMS

12 May 2021

PETra PET LIMS: New Inventory Report Feature

In our new video, learn more about the new Inventory Reporting feature in PETra, our market-leading PET LIMS. 

See how easy it is to use the Report Template Explorer to design new inventory reports, add your desired columns, and create your own cover page for the report.

The new Inventory Report feature allows users to view all of their inventory data in one location. The data can then be easily filtered and queried to display the information you need, whether from On Order, Quarantine, Available or Used sections of the Inventory Explorer, and grouped accordingly. These filters can then be saved for use later to improve efficiency in your PET facility.

Dynamic inventory reports 

The filters can then be loaded to produce dynamic inventory reports, either to simply provide information regarding items you currently have in stock, or to produce detailed cost analysis reports to be sent to financial departments.

Watch the video to learn more, and book a demo below. 


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