Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Odense University Hospital

14 September 2021

Odense University Hospital choose PETra PET LIMS 

Odense University Hospital is among the three largest hospitals in Denmark and is located in the southern region of Denmark. The PET-center at OUH provides FDG and other radiotracers to its own clinic which has 5 PET/CT scanners and one PET/MR. In addition to this, the radiochemist provides radiotracers to two other hospitals in the region with one more being added in 2021/2022.

Niels Langkjær is Head of Production at Odense University Hospital and said: “Our main products are FDG, NaF and PSMA-1007. We have an annual production of around 400 FDG batches, 120 NaF and 50 PSMA-1007.”

Using PETra PET LIMS to effectively execute, control and manage batches

Niels said: “With the increased growth, the number of productions we need a system to effectively execute, control and manage batches as we are running a paper-based system for both produced batches and materials.”

"A clear focus on PET production sites" 

Niels added: “PETra was created with a clear focus on PET productions sites whereas competitors had generic systems which had to be customized to a larger degree increasing cost and time consumed on the project.”

“Most of our equipment has already been integrated into PETra resulting in a faster implementation, and LabLogic has experience serving solutions to radiochemical departments where other suppliers need a lot of clarification in order to understand the LIMS requirements of a radiochemical production site.”

“So far we plan on using all modules available but especially looking forward to QMS, inventory and execution modules.”


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