Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Regionshospitalet Herning

14 September 2021

LIMS for Gallium-68 radiotracers

Regionshospitalet Herning is a large hospital in Central Jutland, part of the Hospital Unit West.  The Department of Nuclear Medicine at Regionshospitalet Herning started producing its own PET tracer Ga-68-PSMA in 2016 from a generator. The hospital is moving to a completely new hospital at Gødstrup in 2021 where a new PET facility is set up with a cyclotron and PET radiopharmacy equipment.

Choosing PETra PET LIMS to be GMP compliant

Lise Falborg, MSc, Ph.D., MPG is Radiochemist at the hospital and said: “We chose PETra PET LIMS to be GMP compliant. The main benefits of choosing PETra as our LIMS system will be user management, integration of inventory and production, the possibility to custom make the formulas in production/QC, audit trail, the possibility to import pdf-files and the release sequence and sign off system.”

Adapting throughout COVID-19 

Ian Oxley, PET Specialist at LabLogic, said: “The unique configuration at Herning demonstrates the flexibility of PETra and of LabLogic’s approach to customer support. With no direct instrument connections to perform and with Herning’s Citrix network configuration we are able to provide fully remote implementation, qualification and PETra training. This has been most useful, of course, with the current COVID-19 situation.

"We have adapted throughout the pandemic and introduced new processes to continue providing customers with the level of support that LabLogic is known for."


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