LabLogic's Logi-CHROM HPLC autosampler with unique injection modes

10 May 2022

3 unique injection modes deliver maximum efficiency and accuracy with superb sample integrity

The Logi-CHROM’s autosampler is designed with superb sample integrity for maximum efficiency and accuracy, and the integrated Intermediate Loop Decompression valve (ILD) reduces sample dilution while increasing measurement reproducibility.

The autosampler’s 3 unique injection modes can meet the demands of different user requirements, making the Logi-CHROM a versatile and reliable HPLC system.

Full loop filling

Full loop filling provides excellent reproducibility and the widest range of injection volumes by filling the entire loop with sample, meaning the maximum injection volume is determined by the installed loop size.

Partial loop filling

Partial loop filling delivers high precision of the sample volume with minimal loss by filling the loop with both sample and mobile phase solvent.

µl pickup

µl pickup offers fantastically high precision with no sample loss by only filling the loop with very small amounts of sample and solvent, which is particularly useful when sample is limited.

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