Luxium Solutions announces distribution agreement with the LabLogic Group

17 February 2023

Formerly known as Saint-Gobain Crystals, Luxium is a manufacturer of high-quality scintillation materials

The LabLogic Group is pleased to announce itself as the new UK distributor for Luxium Solutions, formerly known as Saint-Gobain Crystals. Continuing with Saint-Gobain’s experience and expertise in crystal purification, growth, and integrations, Luxium is a leading supplier of scintillation technologies and applied material sciences to a diverse range of industries, including Healthcare, Defence, Energy, and Nuclear sectors.

As a global supplier of single scintillation crystals for radiation detection applications, as well as sapphire and garnet substrates for photonics and power electronics applications, Luxium’s high-quality scintillation materials are known for superior resolution and advanced photo-sensor integration for ionising radiation detections, including alphas, betas, neutrons, gammas, and X-rays.

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