Automating radiopharmaceutical administration with the Tema Sinergie ASTER

7 February 2024

Designed to intravenously administer radiopharmaceuticals, the system eliminates manual handling in theranostics

The emergence of theranostics and its increasing use to treat cancer in nuclear medicine departments has brought about challenges in the administration of radiopharmaceuticals caused by manual handling. The possibility of ionising radiation exposure to patients and staff, as well as contamination in departments, has required new procedures to address these risks.

To mitigate these challenges, Tema Sinergie have developed the ASTER Administration System for Theranostics. Designed to intravenously administer radiopharmaceuticals using a single-use vial, it allows users to automatically manage infusions to minimise exposure.

Precise dosing and controlled flow rate

The ASTER uses a peristaltic infusion pump for precise dosing and controlled flow rate, which also reduces the risk of contamination to the radiopharmaceutical itself to ensure its sterility. Automation also means the operator no longer needs to monitor the entire process, reducing their own exposure. This also brings about the ability to immediately stop the administration if necessary.

Disposable transfer set

The single-use disposable transfer set is designed to avoid direct contact between vial and operator, reducing the exposure to staff members and eliminate the risk of accidental cross-contamination between administrations.

A 30 mm lead glass pot provides visibility of the solution inside and shields users and the wider department from radiation. It also maintains the integrity of the radiopharmaceutical itself. The whole system is mounted on a highly manoeuvrable stand for easy transport from the radiopharmacy to the patient dosing room.

Find out more

You can learn more about the ASTER by watching the video above or by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly. Please note that medical device certification is pending.


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