Discover the new Flow-RAM 2 in our most recent video

26 February 2024

We showcase the advanced features of our new radio-HPLC detector for PET and SPECT in this latest demonstration

The Flow-RAM 2 is LabLogic’s redesigned radio-HPLC detector for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, superseding the original Flow-RAM with an improved performance and reduced footprint. In our latest video, Product Specialist Dan Harris delivers a comprehensive overview of the system, which has three parts: the base unit, lead shield, and detectors.

New smart, cableless detectors

The Flow-RAM 2 uses the same new detectors as those released with the Scan-RAM 2 radio-TLC scanner, which are more compact, interchangeable, and cableless. A range of scintillation types are available to support both PET and SPECT applications, including new Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors. SiPMs improve counting efficiency and use Peltier cooling for stable operating temperatures, offsetting gain fluctuations caused by changes in ambient room temperature and heat generated by operating electronics which commonly affects traditional PMTs.

Detector operating parameters are stored in the detector itself. No detector settings can be physically changed on the instrument itself. Instead, this is managed through LabLogic’s Laura Radiopharma software, which provides a full audit trail for regulatory compliance.

Reduced instrument footprint

The base unit is compact with a footprint measuring just 15 cm x 16 cm and weighing only 1.3 kg. It can be stacked on top of the lead shield to further reduce occupied bench space for a neat working arrangement.

The lead shield reduces background radiation to improve signal-to-noise ratio for more clear identification of primary and impurity radiochromatography peaks. For users with larger volumes of HPLC work, the Dual Flow-RAM provides a two-in-one solution by allowing two HPLC systems to be connected via the detectors and shields to a single base unit. Each detector can work either simultaneously or independently.

A compliant software solution for radio-HPLC

Laura Radiopharma is the market-leading software for instrument control and radiochromatography analysis used by radiopharmacies and medical isotope producers worldwide. It is a compliant solution with configurable Pass/Fail criteria, automatic peak finding, and half-life correction.

It provides a single point of control for radio-HPLC work as well as GCs, being compatible with a range of instruments from different manufacturers. It is also seamlessly integrated into LabLogic’s Laboratory Information Management Systems, PETra and SPECTra, allowing sites to manage data in a secure, compliant manner.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Flow-RAM by watching our latest video or by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly and requesting a guided demonstration.


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