A benchtop gamma spectrometer with GMP compliant software

Designed for radionuclidic identity and radionuclidic purity measurements, the Spec-RAM CZT offers a cost-effective alternative to High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors, making it the ideal solution for medical radioisotope producers, radiopharmacies, and research facilities when identifying any impurities or contaminants present in a sample.

Improved energy resolution

Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detectors are highly sensitive to gamma rays – due to the high atomic numbers of Cd and Te – and provide an energy resolution (FWHM) of ≤2.5 compared to traditional scintillator detectors.


With a small footprint and reduced weight, the Spec-RAM CZT can be easily mounted on a lab bench for improved user access unlike HPGe and traditional NaI gamma spectrometers.

The alternative solution to HPGe

The Spec-RAM CZT offsets the disadvantages of larger, costly, more hazardous HPGe systems while still delivering the necessary resolution for the Quality Control measurements of PET and SPECT radiotracers. Perfect for existing facilities which do not have the space, infrastructure, funding, or skillset to operate a HPGe.

Ideal for ambient temperature measurements

CZT detectors can operate in direct-conversion (or photoconductive) mode at room temperature, unlike Germanium which requires cooling.

Energy and efficiency calibration

Laura Radiopharma software includes all the key gamma spectrometry features including both energy and efficiency calibrations.

Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

A copper liner eliminates Compton Scattering, ensuring an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Lead shielding

Shields the detector from background environmental radiation. Additionally, it attenuates exposure to the operator.

GMP compliant software for gamma spectrometry

Like all LabLogic instrumentation, the Spec-RAM CZT is controlled by Laura Radiopharma, our industry-standard software for instrument control that is compliant with global regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

The introduction of compliant software to gamma spectrometry facilitates easier validation for sites while improving workflow efficiency. Features include:

  • Full audit trail.
  • User defined access levels.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Secure database.
  • Multi-level security.
  • Maintaining data integrity

Laura Radiopharma is seamlessly integrated into LabLogic’s LIMS such as PETra and SPECTra, allowing captured data to be instantly populated. This integration between the software packages preserves data integrity in accordance with ALCOA principles.


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