Swisstrace Twilite Three blood sampling system

The system is ideal for use in conjunction with PET(/CT), PET/MR or beta-probes. It measures the time-course of radioactivity in whole blood with high temporal resolution (native 1 second) in small and large experimental subjects.

Coincidence detection ensures that the system is insensitive to background radioactivity in the imaging suite or subject.

The core of the Twilite is a very compact detector head machined from medical grade tungsten, which shields the LYSO crystals from outside radiation and is fully MR compatible (BGO version available on request).

The scintillations are conveyed to photo-multiplier tubes in the base unit via two flexible, high efficiency, liquid-core light guides. This elegant design is without any electronics or moving parts in the detector head and thus avoids the introduction of MR artifacts due to electromagnetic interference.

The blood catheter passes between the LYSO crystals in an uninterrupted loop, minimizing risk in human research experiments and allowing standard sterile Luer-lock items to be used. A large touch-screen on the front-panel serves as the user interface, and also displays the current status and measured values. Sensitivity, linearity and signal-to-noise are best-in-class.

Swisstrace Twilite Three blood sampling system data aquisition 

Data acquisition can be performed directly on the twilite three, using the dedicated PMOD module PSAMPLE (license for lifetime PSAMPLE use included with twilite three) for post-processing.

PSAMPLE may also be used for tethered data acquisition or for simultaneous recording of data from multiple SWISSTRACE devices via a TCP/IP interface.

PMOD specializes in PET quantification through kinetic modeling and parametric mapping, fully utilizing the arterial input function captured by the twilite three.

Swisstrace Twilite Three application/compatibility

The founders of SWISSTRACE have a long-standing experience in quantitative PET in human and small animal research, allowing us to provide detailed application training (including small animal surgical techniques) as part of all installations.

Compatibility has been proven for clinical PET/CT and PET/MR from major vendors and for a wide range of small animal systems. If used with an arterio-venous shunt in small animals, the twilite allows the measurement of the whole blood arterial input function without any blood loss.


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