Nuclear Medicine and PET

The world's most advanced LIMS and Quality Control solutions...

LabLogic have worked with the world's leading PET and Nuclear Medicine organisations to develop the world's most advanced LIMS system, plus an extensive range quality control instrumentation, software and services.


From radiation shields and scintillation cocktails to decontaminates and waste bins, LabLogic offer a comprehensive selection of products for working with radioactive elements within the laboratory environment.

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  • 83% reduction in SOPs for PET release testing with Tracer-QC

    21 March 2023

    This automated system reduces a highly-skilled time and labour-intensive process to just 5 mouse clicks. Find out how here…

  • LabLogic launches new online training platform for software and instrumentation

    14 February 2023

    The Training Resources Portal is an interactive platform with dedicated courses and exercises for Laura, PETra, and associated instrumentation…

  • Automating radionuclide separation at the National Physical Laboratory

    26 January 2023

    The Hidex Q-ARE 50 is an automated radionuclide extraction system that has been installed at NPL’s Nuclear Metrology Group. Find out more…

  • Quality Control of Gallium-68 with LabLogic’s dedicated PET LIMS

    16 January 2023

    PETra has been chosen by the Medical University of Białystok's Department of Biopharmacy and Radiopharmacy to manage radiopharmaceuticals…

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