The Marc 7000 is widely used and recognised within the international nuclear industry.

Also, in particular; nuclear power plants, nuclear research centers, radioactive waste treatment facilities and isotope laboratories.

The bubbler has been specifically designed with efficient tritium capture in mind, using a series of four vials, a cooling system and a catalytic oven to collect both tritium vapor (HTO) and gaseous tritium (HT).

The tritium activity in the collected sample can be measured with a liquid scintillation counter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and can then be used in combination with the sampled air volume to calculate the tritium-in-air concentration. This provides an efficient method of monitoring tritium levels with a much higher sensitivity than even the most sophisticated real-time tritium monitor.

Airflow process
A pre-filter paper in the inlet (∅ 45 mm) prevents dust intake and the electronic flow meter is protected by Gortex® filters. The airflow passes into glass vials (250 ml capacity) through stainless steel air tubing. The air flow can be set from 10 to 50 litres per hour, regulated by a certified airflow meter.

Oxidation oven
Stainless steel tubular oven equipped with Palladium alumina catalyst pellets. The oven temperature can be set between +200°C and +500°C.

Cooling system of the collection vials
The sampler is fitted with a condenser cooling block, which allows the vials to be cooled to between +5°C and +15°C (depending on the ambient temperature). A pump ensures flow of the cooling liquid and a level gauge allows the direct control of the liquid level in the circuit. All tubing is made of stainless steel.

  • Trapping yield of 99% by bubbling air through demineralised water.
  • Gas (HT) and vapor (HTO) tritium forms can both be collected with the catalytic oven.
  • Reduced evaporation due to the cooled trapping system, allowing weekly collection.
  • Easy-to-use, with instant opening cabinet for sample retrieval.
  • Accurate – electronic, accredited airflow meter.
  • Alarm buzzer for all detected defaults.
  • Memory and recovery of the last 8 defaults via RS-232.


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