Radiation Safety

Supplying a range of radiation detection equipment and accessories. 

LabLogic are experts in the detection of radioactivity and offer a range of industry standard products. 


From radiation shields and scintillation cocktails to decontaminates and waste bins, LabLogic offer a comprehensive selection of products for working with radioactive elements within the laboratory environment.

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  • Radiation monitoring and environmental research using the Hidex 300 SL

    23 February 2023

    The liquid scintillation counter is being used at the University of the West of England in the School of Applied Sciences…

  • Controlling liquid scintillation counters using external computers

    5 January 2023

    Hidex is the only manufacturer of liquid scintillation counters whose software is fully compatible with Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest major release…

  • Controlling the 68Ge/68Ga elution rate in preparation for the use of 68Ga in PET/CT

    12 October 2022

    The Hidex AMG allows radionuclide purity of Gallium-68 from generators to be determined before injection using dedicated software. Learn more here…

  • Superior sample combustion for soil and sediment with the Hidex 600 OX

    8 August 2022

    The Hidex’s catalytic combustion chamber allows 14-C or 3-H in organic material to be properly trapped and counted. Learn how here…