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Using the Hidex AMG for GFR testing on blood samples

6 December 2021

The Nuclear Medicine Department at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough purchased a Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter earlier this year to undertake GFR testing on blood samples.

Leading UK Radiopharmacy ready to go live with SPECTra LIMS

4 November 2021

During a recent visit to Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, we caught up with Head of Radiopharmacy Jilly Croasdale. 

Hidex Sense used for COVID-19 research at University College London

17 September 2021

UCL is using the Hidex Sense in at CL3 lab for COVID-19 recovery research, click to find out more.

First UK install of the zenCELL owl at the University of Surrey

17 September 2021

The University of Surrey has seen the delivery of TWO zenCELL owls, click to read their feedback. 

Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Odense University Hospital

14 September 2021

We're pleased to announce three new PETra sites; the third is Odense University Hospital.

Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Regionshospitalet Herning

14 September 2021

We're pleased to announce three new PETra sites; the second is Regionshospitalet Herning.

Alliance Medical UK Acquires Three New Scan-RAM radio-TLC scanners

7 September 2021

This year LabLogic has been delighted to supply three new Scan-RAM radio-TLC scanners to Alliance Medicals; Guildford, Sutton, and Preston sites, adding to their existing site; Keele... 

“Sheer depth of analytical possibility” - Using the Phasefocus Livecyte at St George’s University of London

10 August 2021

Why St George's University of London chose the Phasefocus Livecyte, click to find out more!

Hidex Sense used to develop COVID-19 testing

19 July 2021

The University of Helsinki has developed a rapid PCR test for COVID-19 using the Hidex Sense, click to find out more.

Completing a remote installation for Minute Medical

14 July 2021

LabLogic completed a fully remote installation of the nuclear medicine solutions for Minute Medical, click to find out more.

“Reliable and intuitive” A new Scan-RAM radio-TLC scanner for Herlev Hospital in Denmark

27 May 2021

Read more about how Herlev Hospital is using the Scan-RAM for the quality control of Lu177-PSMA for cancer therapy. 

Small plate reader, big research: Quadram choose the Absorbance 96 plate reader

17 May 2021

The Quadram Institute has chosen the Absorbance 96 for the study and characterisation of model gut bacteria, click to read more.

A new PET facility in Egypt has chosen Tracer-QC

29 April 2021

LabLogic is pleased to announce that Tracer-QC has been chosen by a new PET facility in Cairo, Egypt, click to read more.

PETra PET LIMS - Making life in the lab easier at Karolinska

14 April 2021

"The more we use PETra, the easier everything is in the labs." Read what else the team at Karolinska University Hospital say about PETra. 

Air, water, and swipe samples with the Hidex Triathler at Abraflex in Ontario, Canada

2 March 2021

Read our latest customer testimonial about the Hidex Triathler! 

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