The Industry standard radiochromatography system used in thousands of laboratories worldwide.

Laura is the ideal software package whether the work involves metabolite profiling, quality control, compound purification or any other chromatography task. It offers users the facility to create and edit methods, set up sample runs and view data collection across the network, in real time and without being confined to the bench-top PC.

Laura offers a Single Point of Control of both the radio-detector and HPLC system in a GxP environment; one system for all your radio-chromatography needs.


Laura offers full control of the radiochromatography process in a simple, easy to use format. Using a simple wizard driven process for multiple steps Laura is as intuitive to use for the occasional user, as it is for the researcher that uses Laura every day.

Laura has all the features an experienced chromatographer expects - multiple trace display and data treatment, quench correction, decay correction, manual and automatic peak finding, scintillator pump control, fraction collector control, multiple run overlay.


Laura can be installed and configured to meet the most rigorous regulatory compliance. Featuring configurable audit trail, multi level security, e-signatures and data storage into a secure database environment Laura is the radiochromatographers answer for regulatory compliance.


Laura provides connectivity to the widest range of detectors and chromatography systems. With a wide range of detectors supported including the B-RAM for radioactivity detection along with chromatography systems for HPLC, TLC, GC as well as multi channel analyzers for nuclide identification Laura is truly the data system for all your chromatography requirements.

To find an up to date and comprehensive list of all equipment Laura interfaces with, check out the Target Platform file from our downloads section.  


Laura provides the highest possible connectivity to support devices and third-party software.

Full control of gradient HPLC pumps is now possible, as is connection to autoinjectors and fraction collectors. View our list of supported instruments.

More than one HPLC station can be operated by a single PC. Data from TLC analyzers and liquid scintillation counters can be input either directly or via disk transfer to enable data to be compared, interrogated and reported.

Laura is the complete radiochromatography package, and can be used equally effectively to quantify the mass channel (UV or RI etc.) as well as the radioactive channels since it combines many features from conventional chromatography systems such as internal and external standardization and peak skimming.

Data Analysis

One of Laura’s main features is its comprehensive and functional data analysis tools. Designed with the radiochromatographer in mind.

Laura has all the functions to allow the user to extract the data they need. Many of these tools have been specifically designed for use with data from radioactivity detectors. Backgrounds can be accurately defined and subtracted. For work with short lived radio-isotopes Laura can automatically correct for half life decay. Limits of detection can easily be defined.

SDA Processing

SDA is a new and unique, unmatched feature offered by LabLogic for detailed visual presentation of data whilst still keeping strict GLP compliance. SDA significantly improves visual detail without smoothing data, therefore, offering unmatched visual quality and definition for the smallest of peaks against background, whilst leaving the raw data unchanged

Regulatory Compliance

Security Settings

Laura can be configured to suit your particular site requirements for security. User names and passwords can be controlled relative to the site requirements as can inactivity time outs and all other functions required for a secure system.

Access Levels

Laura features multi-level access control and the system can be configured to have as many levels of access as the user site requires. Menu items are then restricted according to the security level of the individual logged in.

Electronic Signatures

Laura supports the use of electronic signatures and the system can be configured to suit the user sites requirements for electronic data.

Audit Trail

Laura has a fully featured audit trail that can again be configured to suit the requirements of the user site. Response from the user can be a simple as choosing from a pre-defined list of standard audit reasons or require a unique response depending on the situation and site rules.

Scalability and Data Storage

From standalone installation to a full client server implementation, Laura™ offers a scalable solution to your data storage requirements. Application and data can be separated across local clients and central servers to match IT requirements.

Database storage is available for data and associated meta-data to provide a 21 CFR part 11 compliant solution. Data acquisition and desktop/evaluation licenses are available to allow users to process data, view live data capture from the office PC

To find an up to date and comprehensive list of all equipment Laura interfaces with, check out the Target Platform file from the downloads section.  

Why should I use Laura?

Laura was designed with the needs of the radiochromatographer in mind it provides all the tools the researcher needs to report radio labelled sample data. One very important detail for instance is that all units of measurement are relevant to radioactivity measurement such as DPM, CPM, cps, Bq…

Why is digital data collection important?

Laura software takes a digital signal which gives a discreet value every datapoint eg 1s. This gives far greater accuracy and a more detailed chromatogram than a basic analog signal can. Also digital data collection into Laura is auto ranging over several decades eliminating range setting errors and lost data.

Can Laura control both the HPLC and radio detector?

Yes, Laura offers a true single point of control solution for your radiochromatography workstation. By controlling both detector and separation modules Laura simplifies the procedure because you create one method, one batch get all the data in one result file with all associated meta data.

Which instruments does Laura support?

Laura supports a wide range of instruments including radio detectors for HPLC, TLC and GC plus separation systems for HPLC, TLC, GC along with multi channel analyzers. Please click here for a complete list of supported devices…

Can Laura correct for half life decay?

Yes, Laura can correct for half life decay either in real time as the run progresses or from a defined date and time.

Can I copy data into Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

Yes, Laura fully supports the Microsoft Office suite of programs so chromatograms, region tables and other data can be pasted into your Word document, Powerpoint presentation or Excel worksheet very simply.


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