Record B-RAM Sales in August

14 October 2002

August is normally a quiet time for instrument sales because many clients are on holiday, nevertheless LabLogic were pleased to receive a record number of ß-RAM Model 3 orders during the month.

The ß-RAM has unique advantages over other detectors as one employee from the DMPK Department of Quintiles explains:

'The DMPK Department at Quintiles Limited (Edinburgh, Scotland) have recently purchased three Model 3B ß-RAM detectors for use in drug metabolism studies.

These instruments were selected principally due to their proven high sensitivity and low background.

Ease of use and compact size were also distinct advantages.

The ß-RAMs were purchased with Laura3 software, which offered 21 CFR part 11 compliance, high quality reporting procedures and was ideally suited to a multi-user environment.

For these reasons, it was decided to standardise on Laura 3 software for all existing HPLC radiodetectors.'

The new ß-RAM Model 3 offers the latest in flow-through detector technology and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically the ß-RAM has the smallest ‘footprint’ available.

External liquid fittings, an integral scintillation pump and the ultimate in sensitivity have made this the system of choice for leading research laboratories worldwide.

What’s more, when coupled with our unique Laura 3 software the system provides full GLP and 21CFR11 compliance.

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