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Radio-HPLC cocktail gives best performance at lowest cost

12 December 2005

LabLogic's FlowLogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail for radio-HPLC is specially formulated for an ultra-high sample uptake of 1:1.

LabLogic Wins Award for Export Excellence

8 December 2005

ADME LIMS and radio chromatography specialist LabLogic Systems has won the Export Excellence category of the 2005 Business Awards in its home city of Sheffield, UK.

MDS Pharma Services upgrades drug metabolism LIMS

6 December 2005

The Montreal facility of drug discovery and development specialist MDS Pharma Services has upgraded to release 5.5.8 of Debra, the leading ADME LIMS from LabLogic Systems.

Save £50 on a fully supported radiation monitor

6 December 2005

Owners of radiation monitors past their best can save themselves £50 on the cost of a brand-new Rad Monitor from LabLogic Systems.

LabLogic Research Collaboration with University of Sheffield

23 November 2005

Sponsorship from a local company is giving the University of Sheffield a head start in research that could lead to more productive food crops and a better understanding of how plants work.

New radio HPLC detector is GLP-compliant

15 November 2005

A flowcell identification system to meet GLP requirements is one of the features of the new Model 4 Beta-RAM on-line radio HPLC flow-through detector from LabLogic Systems

LabLogic takes the honours in PET studies

4 November 2005

All five of the clinical and research PET centres currently operating in the UK are using radio-chromatography software or instruments from LabLogic Systems.

Splitting and pooling without copying and pasting

24 October 2005

Debra 5.6, the latest release of LabLogic's LIMS for Drug Metabolism, has freed radio-chromatographers creating pooled samples from the drudgery and potential errors of manual data transfer.

Drug metabolism software on show at USA pharmaceutical conferences

18 October 2005

ADME software and equipment specialist LabLogic Systems will be showcasing its latest product developments at two USA conferences this autumn - the 13th North American ISSX Meeting/20th JSSX Meeting (Maui, Hawaii, 23th - 27th October 2005) and the America

Radio-chromatography LIMS link saves time and effort

11 October 2005

LabLogic has enhanced the functionality of its Debra drug metabolism LIMS and Laura radio-chromatography data system

Radio detector gets the full picture for UHPLC

26 September 2005

Beta-RAM, the on-line radioactivity detector from LabLogic Systems, ensures that sufficient data is captured when using the new ultra high pressure liquid chromatography method (UHPLC).

Updated drug metabolism LIMS is faster, flexible - and paper-free

22 September 2005

An 'electronic lab notebook' facility, greater interchangeability of data and less time spent on standard tasks are among the benefits offered by the new release of Debra 5.6, the leading Drug Metabolism LIMS from LabLogic Systems.

AstraZeneca moves to on-line liquid scintillation counting

26 August 2005

AstraZeneca is making the transition from fraction collection to on-line liquid scintillation counting at its Charnwood research and development centre in the UK.

User Group 2005 Pictures

4 July 2005

Pictures of the recent radiochromatography and LIMS user group meeting held at Sheffield.

AstraZeneca Charnwood gets latest LIMS

13 June 2005

The Development Drug Metabolism and Bioanalysis Department at AstraZeneca's Charnwood research and development centre in the UK has upgraded to Debra 5.5, the latest version of LabLogic's LIMS for ADME studies.

Digital imager slashes tritium imaging time

27 May 2005

The Biospace Beta Imager 2000, available in the UK from LabLogic, is a unique digital system for auto-radiography that cuts tritium imaging time from weeks to hours.

Radiation monitors ensure lab isotope safety

17 May 2005

Rad Monitor, a new range of contamination monitors for detecting radioisotopes commonly used in research laboratories, is now available in the UK and Europe from LabLogic Systems.

Laura has everything under control

19 April 2005

LabLogic has broadened the capability of its radio chromatography data system Laura 3, so that it can control the entire HPLC system rather than just the radio detector.

Supersensitive new tool cuts out fraction collection

4 April 2005

LC-ARC from AIM Research is a new radio-isotope counting system for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and environmental HPLC studies that eliminates fraction collection and allows on-line detection of low-level peaks.

LabLogic User Group Programme Announced

31 March 2005

LabLogic Systems has released the programme for its 2005 International RadioChromatography / LIMS User Group (UK, 27-28 April).

Debra and Laura for AstraZeneca Alderley Park

17 February 2005

AstraZeneca has installed Debra, LabLogic's protocol-driven GLP-compliant LIMS for ADME studies, at its Alderley Park research and development centre in the UK.

Introducing Sara - a new LIMS for soil metabolism studies

11 February 2005

LabLogic Systems has introduced an off-the-shelf LIMS for soil metabolism residue studies in the environmental and agrochemical industries.

Career opportunities at LabLogic

2 February 2005

We are currently recruiting and have career opportunities available at LabLogic.

Register On-Line for the 2005 Radiochromatography/LIMS User Group

19 January 2005

On-line registration is now available for the User Group.

Introducing Stacy for Sample Tracking and Radioisotope Inventory

7 January 2005

STacy is a new system from LabLogic for the real-time stock control and tracking of radioisotope compounds and samples of all kinds in drug metabolism studies.

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