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Count on LabLogic for great offers

19 November 2012

LabLogic has a range of end-of-year special offers for customers looking to source new instruments during the course of the next couple of months.

The Chameleon V - the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market

16 July 2012

Researchers using luminescence for their research applications will find all their needs met by the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market - the Chameleon V from LabLogic Systems. Its super sensitive luminescence detection function provides fast and robust data, making the Chameleon V an ideal choice.

The new Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level Scintillation Counter is now available from LabLogic

26 June 2012

Scintillation counting is widely used with challenging low energy beta isotopes and difficult to measure alpha isotopes. Environmental samples, biofuel verification, micro dosing, these are just a few of the application examples where extremely low level activities need to be detected.

Charles River upgrade to the latest LabLogic Debra software

28 May 2012

LabLogic, a leading provider of drug metabolism LIMS and radiochromatography solutions has announced today that Charles River has upgraded to Debra version 5.7.10 for its radiolabelled mammalian metabolism and environmental fate studies. Charles River has been using LabLogic’s software for over 13 years for the management of all chemicals and pharmaceutical ADME studies. This upgrade follows on from the recent upgrade of the chromatographic system Laura to version 4.1.4.

300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counter meets the needs of Boston University Medical Center

18 April 2012

One of LabLogic’s 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters is in regular use as a core instrument by staff at the Boston University Medical Center.

LabLogic now provides a new and effective Iodine Decontamination Gel

17 April 2012

Decontamination of Iodine radioisotopes is a notoriously difficult task. I-131 ablation treatment rooms are often cordoned off for many days after contamination causing a drastic loss of productivity.

Quotient upgrade to the latest LabLogic software

27 March 2012

LabLogic is pleased to announce that Quotient Bioresearch has upgraded to the latest Debra version 5.7.10 and Laura version 4.1.3 platforms for its radiolabelled metabolism studies and radiochromatography work.

Tracerco T401 contamination monitors are now available with additional predicted repsonse factors for medical isotopes

16 March 2012

Since LabLogic began distributing the Tracerco range of monitors, they have swiftly generated a great deal of interest for the product range in the medical and academic industries. The robustness of the range has been a key factor, being both drop proof and weather resistant. In addition their chemically resistant rubberized casings have proved to be very practical, making decontamination a simple process.

Debra 6 on show at the Society of Toxicology 51st Annual Meeting

5 March 2012

Members of LabLogic’s software development team will be in Booth 700 at the Society of Toxicology's 51st Annual Meeting (San Francisco 11-15 March) to demonstrate the advantages of Debra 6

More acclaim for Scan-RAM from Czech PET facility

8 February 2012

The PET Centre in Brno has added to the growing positive feedback about LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for PET and SPECT.

LabLogic detectors and software aid PET /SPECT collaboration

8 February 2012

Two healthcare organisations in Grenoble, France, are using LabLogic’'s Laura radio-chromatography system and instrumentation sourced from the same company to enhance their ability to work closely together.

BASF shows sensitivity of LabLogic's Active Counting Mode

4 January 2012

Experiments carried out by the Agricultural Products Division of BASF have confirmed the superior performance of LabLogic Systems'’ Beta-RAM 5 radio-detector when used in the new Active Counting Mode (ACM).

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