LabLogic handheld contamination monitors

19 March 2004

Since the introduction of LabLogic’s range of Contamination Monitors in September 2003 there has been a considerable number of instruments purchased by various academic institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research establishments.

Here is some of the feedback we have received on our Beta Contamination Monitors:

‘The LabLogic’s Beta Contamination Monitors are an improved version of the already available instruments both externally and internally.

Externally, the instrument has a chemically resistant housing that will not rust or dent.

Internally, the ratemeter and the electronics have been put through their paces by myself and have proved to be superior to other instruments that are already available on the UK market.’

‘I think that as an overall package the Beta unit is superior to the already available instruments.’

For more information on this range, please contact Elvir Zahirovic (e-mail:

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