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Overview of SeeScan User Group 2000

12 December 2000

Catch up on this years topics and discussions

SeeScan User Group

17 October 2000

Announcing the 2nd Seescan User Group, 22nd November 2000, Cutlers Hall, Sheffield

Debra User Group 2000

9 August 2000

25th - 28th April 2000, joint Debra and Watson User Group, PA, USA. Catch up on this years topics and presentations.

Trace 2

9 August 2000

LabLogic announces the release of it's new Trace 2.0 system which tracks Metabolites and extractions. Find out what benefits our new system, designed for Windows 95/98/NT, can bring to your working environment.

Office News

9 August 2000

After over 20 years of leading the LabLogic team John Clapham has retired as Managing Director taking on the role of Chairman and Financial Director.

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