Announcing the release of Debra 5.5.4

3 June 2004

LabLogic Systems Ltd, the most successful supplier of software for ADME studies is pleased to announce the release of Debra 5.5.4. The Debra LIMS system is the most widely used Laboratory Information Management System for ADME studies and has become the industry standard for ADME studies.

Improvements in this release include:

Flexible new Treatment Method for the Design and Preparation of Formulations

Ability to design and prepare Dose Vehicles

Support for molar dosing with new dose units for umol, mmol, nmol/kg as well as mg/subject

Support for pipettes etc to measure volumes

Ability to save Dose Batches in advance of Dosing

New reports for Recovery over time, Recovery Ratios, Dose Losses

Support for Median Statistics in Summary Tables

For further information on changes within Debra 5.5.4 or any other queries please contact support email

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