LabLogic User Group Programme Announced

31 March 2005

LabLogic Systems has released the programme for its 2005 International RadioChromatography / LIMS User Group (UK, 27-28 April).

Alongside introductions and updates from LabLogic's own staff on new and established products such as Debra, Stacy and Laura, presentations by pharmaceutical companies and CROs will include:

Splitting and pooling of samples tools in Debra 5.5 (Schering AG and LabLogic)

Protein-binding studies with Debra (Inveresk)

Requirements for inhalation dosing studies (HLS)

LOD discussion (AstraZeneca)

Use of Debra at Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt (Sanofi-Aventis)

Sample tracking : Stacy (Covance)

Radio chromatography and metabolite profiling in PET imaging studies (Imanet)

Analog vs digital data acquisition for radiochromatography (Biodynamics)

Evaluation of LC-ARC for the analysis of low-level radio-labelled metabolites in biological matrices (Syngenta CTL)

Current practice trends in radio chromatography and metabolite profiling (Quintiles)

Evaluation of commercially available flow scintillation cocktails (HLS)

Posi-RAM : a brand-new online detector for PET metabolism studies (IN/US Systems Inc)

Minor and major metabolites (AstraZeneca)

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