AstraZeneca Charnwood gets latest LIMS

13 June 2005

The Development Drug Metabolism and Bioanalysis Department at AstraZeneca's Charnwood research and development centre in the UK has upgraded to Debra 5.5, the latest version of LabLogic's LIMS for ADME studies.

Charnwood has been using Debra as a validated system since 1998. The validation ofthe upgrade was carried out during the first part of 2005, and the first live study took place at the end of May.

'Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 is the most important feature of Debra 5.5 for us,' commented Charnwood Senior Research Scientist Jonathan Attwood. 'We also expect to benefit from the improved provision for security and from facilities such as online dosing, and processing of tritium by both wet and dry methods.'

Charnwood's update follows the introduction of Debra earlier this year at Alderley Park, AstraZeneca's other UK R&D site.

LabLogic's Debra is recognised by many leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies and contract research organisations as the 'industry standard' LIMS for radio-labelled drug metabolism studies.

It has been developed and refined for over 15 years in collaboration with clients such as Charnwood to handle the growing complexity of modern protocols for the full range of ADME studies. Errors in data transcription and calculation are eliminated by managing the preparation and confirmation of dosing solutions, and all the steps in animal dosing and sample collection.

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