Isotope counting in less than a minute

13 March 2006

The AR-2000 imaging scanner from LabLogic Systems provides direct digital counting of all isotopes, including 3H, with guaranteed quantitive accuracy and in the fastest possible time (less then one minute for moderate activity samples).

The imaging proportional counter is linear over 4-5 decades - a range 100-2,000 times greater than X-ray film. Lanes with 1,000 DPM of 3H or 100 DPM of 14C can be imaged in 10 minutes.

A full 2-D analysis of a 20cm x 20cm plate takes 1-4 hours, 20-200 times faster then autoradiography and 5-20 times faster than phosphor for 3H and 14C.

The AR-2000 is an alternative to liquid scintillation counting for the analysis of TLC plates, gels, and blots, saving time because samples are counted intact without scraping or cutting and reducing radioactive waste disposal as no liquid samples are generated.

Operation is automated for both 1-D and 2-D scanning. For high throughput requirements, a three-plate version can accommodate up to three 20cm x 20cm plates during a single automated run.

Applications include radiochemistry 3H, 14C; Nuclear Medicine 99Tc, 125I, 131I, 111In; PET chemistry 18F, 11C; metabolism studies 3H, 14C labelled drugs, radiopharmaceuticals; toxicology 14C labelled chemicals;

lipid biochemistry 3H, 14C, 32P labelled lipids; and TLC enzyme activity assays.

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