Latest release of Stacy stock control software has many new benefits

21 March 2006

LabLogic Systems has enhanced the capabilities of its Stacy software for the stock control of drug metabolism radioisotopes with the issue of release 2.1.

For many users the new feature of greatest value will be the ability to import data from external databases, such as LabLogic's own Debra and Sara LIMS, in order to track samples and information from other sources.

Two further useful tools are links to Excel tables so that multiple samples of the same type can be imported into Stacy; and capture of weight data directly from balances, avoiding transcription errors caused by manual data entry.

These are complemented by a host of other innovations, many of which were developed at the request of (and in collaboration with) users to meet their own immediate needs, but which are now available to everyone investing in this latest release:

Attributes on Collections - Collections, such as physical locations, can have their own attributes.

Attributes on Transactions - Transaction types can have their own attributes, independent of the attributes of the item that is the subject of the transaction.

Preview - a preview pane in the main Stacy window for viewing the properties of the selected item in the grid.

Search window - allowing searches of Stacy for items that match the given criteria.

Visibility - on login, users can see only collections that they have rights to see. All others are hidden.

Database Locking - ensures only one user at a time can modify a record in the database, such as an item or attribute.

Security by Transaction Type - Allows access to certain transaction types, such as Disposal, to a distinct group of users only.

Archive/Restore - for exporting data from Stacy to an XML file, and importing the file again. This uses Search dialogue functionality to allow the user to select items that should be archived.

Move - Allows multiple items to be selected by barcode input and then be moved en masse by dragging from the Search dialogue to another collection on the main Stacy window.

Fixed field Macros - allowing custom numbering systems for names, etc.

Modifying Decay functions - decay can be calculated 'on the fly' for the wizard and reports.

Containers - when movable collections such as shelves and boxes are moved, the items they contain are moved with them

Barcodes - generated automatically by Stacy

Register - allows items to be added to the database without specifying a physical location, for example when ordering an item.

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