New release of radio-chromatography data software

9 March 2006

A completely new regression analysis module along with further improvements to HPLC system control, document management and summary table reporting are the headline features of Laura 3.4, the latest release of LabLogic's radio-chromatography data collection and analysis software.

Regression analysis makes it possible for UV HPLC users to configure quality QC and calibration standards in a method, and to analyse and produce reports on calibration data.

Like the previous release, Laura 3.4 can control pumps, auto-samplers and other components of the HPLC system as well as the detector itself, eliminating the inconvenience of maintaining several programs. Jasco systems can now be controlled in this way.

The document management facility, which supports Word 2003, has been improved by the addition of versioning, so that the complete development history of a report can be tracked and different versions compared; and the summary table function is now more configurable, including further options for generating graphs.

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