Radio-chromatography software supports new Agilent 1200 LC system

29 June 2006

LabLogic's Laura 3 radio-chromatography software has been enhanced to support the new Agilent 1200 Series LC system, supplementing its existing Agilent 1100 connectivity.

The new Laura instrument control software for the Agilent 1200 provides integrated software control of:

G1312B 1200 Series Binary pump SL

G1367B 1200 Series Well plate autosampler

G1367C 1200 Series Well plate autosampler SL

G1316B 1200 Series Thermostatted Well plate autosampler

G1314B 1200 Series Variable Wavelength Detector

G1354C 1200 Series Multiple Wavelength Detector SL

G1315C Diode Array Detector Sl

G1316B 1200 Series Column Compartment

Peter Clapham, LabLogic technical director, said: 'Working with the Agilent factory in Germany, we can now fully control both the Agilent 1100 and new 1200 Series LCs from Laura 3.4.2.

This extends the versatility and power of Laura 3 controlling multi-vendor HPLC systems, including those from Agilent, Shimadzu, Jasco and Knauer.

'Having complete control of both the HPLC system and radio-detector means that method information only needs to be entered once, using a single intuitive environment, and also that the calibration, run control parameters and results can be captured in a secure 21 CFR Part 11 environment.

'We will continue to extend the capabilities of Laura 3.4 in line with our customer requests and with the support of HPLC manufacturers.'

Email us to obtain a complete list of Laura 3.4 instrument interfaces.

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