Radiochromatography software can run the whole show

20 October 2006

Whatever your LC set-up, it's likely that Laura can control it - detector, pump, auto-sampler and all.

LabLogic Systems is backing that confident claim for its radio-chromatography data system by making available a list of all the equipment it can interface with. For details click here.

Running to three pages, the list currently includes over 80 modules from 11 different manufacturers - pumps, autosamplers, column ovens, detectors and other support devices as well as HPLC and TLC instruments from all the leading names.

Much expanded in recent months (and still growing), the list demonstrates LabLogic's commitment to giving Laura the highest possible connectivity, freeing users from the inconvenience of running potentially incompatible software for different system components.

Adding further to its versatility, Laura can import and process ASCII files from liquid scintillation counters; export data in standard ASCII, CSV, tab-delimited, SDF, MS Word and Excel formats for processing by other systems;

and allow the import of legacy radio-chromatography data from LabChrom, Laura 1.x, NScan, RaChel, ScintFlow, WinScan, Flo-One and RadioStar.

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