Seminars keep radio-chromatographers up to date

13 October 2006

LabLogic Systems is 'on the road' this autumn, briefing key customers on the latest advances in its software and instrumentation for flow-through radiochemical detection.

'Keeping up with - and sometimes anticipating - the needs of the industries we serve has always been fundamental to our company', says sales manager Duncan Carmichael.

'Events like this are an effective way of keeping people up to speed with our on-going product development programme and listening to the voice of the customer. We see them as a vital step in our future product development cycle.

'With this round of visits we will be focussing on four recent innovations: the new BetaRam 4 HPLC detector; the advantages of the new calibration option in our Laura data collection and analysis software;

considerations when using Laura and the BetaRam for the increasingly popular 'fast LC' method; and a new means of improving Limits of Detection by optimizing LC flow rate.'

At the in-house seminars, which are being held at key centres for drug metabolism and contract research throughout the UK and Europe,

LC staff will be able to discuss best practice with LabLogic's product specialists and give the company an insight into what their future requirements might be.

Radio-chromatographers interested in hosting a LabLogic seminar at their own workplace should contact the company at

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