Software can save 20% on metabolite extraction studies

26 October 2006

Trace 2 from LabLogic Systems is a method development system for tracking the process of isolating metabolites and residues from plant and animal tissue, and displaying the samples as a genealogy family tree.

By reducing reporting and QA audit time and completely eliminating paper trees, calculations, rounding and cross checking, Trace makes it possible for users to make resource savings of up to 20%.

It is designed as a multi-user networked package, allowing users to work independently on different trees within the same study, or even on the same tree at different stages of sample extraction.

Automatic collection of data from balances or LSC assures accurate collection and assignment of the data to the correct sample.

Trace also keeps track of the extraction systems used and the calculations necessary to determine the concentration of each component;

and maintains records of the relationship of each sample to the original material analysed (recovery and concentration).

Immediate availability of calculations and raw data sheets for any part of the extraction scheme, and the ability to export schemes in diagrammatic form to a Word document, saves considerable time in the preparation of the final report.

QA auditing is similarly accelerated because the system maintains a full audit trail on all changes.

Less tangible but equally useful features include standardised algorithms, establishment of a consistent but flexible approach to studies, constant study status and totally configurable multi-level user access with password protection.

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