Chromatography data system runs 'hot' and 'cold'

9 March 2007

The ability to calibrate known standards for UV/Vis and diode array detectors is the latest feature to be added to Laura, LabLogic's industry-leading chromatography data collection and analysis system.

The new option offers multiple choices of curve fits and fully flexible reporting with either internal or external calibration, relieving users of the need to run auxiliary software.

It extends the use of Laura beyond 'hot' radiochromatography, for which it was originally developed, into 'cold', non-radiolabelled applications - yet another example of the system's growing versatility.

Laura can now interface with all of the most popular HPLC and TLC systems, and more than 80 pumps, autosamplers, column ovens, detectors and other support devices.

In addition, LabLogic recently developed a bespoke module for a gas chromatograph being used in the rapidly expanding PET radiopharmaceuticals industry.

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