Buoyant sales reflect problem-solving successes

22 August 2008

Radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems has made a strong start to its 2008-9 financial year, with double-digit growth in all areas - software, instruments and consumables.

The Beta-RAM RHPLC flow-through detector is continuing to build on its reputation as the pharmaceutical industry's preferred instrument by winning new customers, particularly in the new Model 4 Micro version specifically for increasingly widespread UHPLC / 'fast LC' applications.

Similar success attaches to SoFie, the new system for radiochemical measurement of low level radionuclides – faster (and at less cost) than liquid scintillation counting. Operated with under the control of the company's Laura data analysis software, it converts a conventional HPLC system into a stop flow analysis package capable of Limits of Detection that were previously unattainable.

Also contributing to growth is LabLogic's Stacy software – developed for tracking stocks of isotopes and radioactive samples but now going beyond its original brief into applications as various as planning user training programmes, re-ordering chemicals and maintaining instrument service histories.

"In their different ways all these products are examples of our ability to collaborate with customers in order to provide them with the tools they must have to do their job better," commented managing director Richard Brown. "They also further our ambition to be a one-stop shop for the needs of ADME research and PET radiosynthesis labs worldwide."

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