Reconditioned RHPLC detector is an entry-level bargain

6 August 2008

Life science departments in higher education who struggle to meet their radio-HPLC detection needs with the funding available should consider investing in a reconditioned Beta-RAM 2 from LabLogic Systems.

Compatible with all current HPLC systems, it is supplied with full technical support and a 12-month guarantee, making it an ideal entry-level machine at much less cost than a new detector.

The Model 2 is controlled by LabLogic's industry-standard radiochromatography data collection and analysis software package Laura and has all the key features that have made the Beta-RAM the most widely used flow-through detector for continuous measurement of low-level radioactivity in HPLC eluates – 3H, 14C, 32P, and other beta-emitters.

Optional features providing additional versatility include a built-in scintillant delivery pump for detection on low-level radio-labelled material, and the RAD WASTE valve, which reduces the amount of radio waste generated and hence lowers the disposal costs associated with on-line rHPLC applications.

Conversely, in cases where large volumes of radionuclides (or higher energy types such as 32P) are being worked on, the Beta-RAM 2's modern electronics and the superior quality of its photo multiplier tubes enable detection without the use of scintillation cocktails.